Connecting to your child with the Brain in Mind

Research tells us that the most effective parents combine empathy and warmth with solid, respectful boundaries-not always an easy task! As licensed psychotherapists with extensive experience working with children of all ages and their parents, we will help you find ways to deepen the connection with your child and find greater ease in parenting.

In this introductory, highly informative workshop we will examine how your relationship with your child is wiring his or her brain and influencing the way they understand and perceive social interactions. Each developmental stage of childhood brings changes in the brain and unique challenges and strengths for both parent and child. Meeting your child's needs with compassion and empathy at each stage will lay a rock-solid foundation for your child to experience joyous, healthy, and meaningful relationships throughout life.

We will discuss how to provide empathetic connection and effective parenting no matter what development stage, utilizing the latest Interpersonal-Neurobiology, Attachment and Mindfulness research and methods.

This introductory, Two Hours long Workshop will enrich your understanding of your child as well as enhance your parenting skills. We will cover the following key points:

  • Understanding your child's developing brain.
  • Forming and maintaining secure attachment to your child
  • Helping your child cope with stress in today's fast-paced world
  • Establishing and implementing united front parenting
  • Providing a safe, predictable, and consistent psychological environment
  • Taking care of YOU—a key ingredient for successful parenting.
  • Incorporating mindful practices into your parenting arsenal


Where: Venice Beach, CA – exact location will be given upon RSVP
When: To be announced
Fee: $40 per Workshop

For more formation, call Oren at 323-303-6616. To RSVP, email or