Parenting with Strength and Empathy

Research tells us that the most effective parents combine a lot of empathy with solid, respectful boundaries is not always an easy task! Oren has extensive experience working with children of all ages. He will help you stand in your child's shoes because making healthy decisions is much easier when you include that vantage point.

Oren teaches parents of children from pre-school to pre-adolescence, helping them understand the unique challenges and strengths of each developmental stage. Meeting your child's needs with compassion and empathy will lay the rock-solid foundation your child needs in order to experience joyous, healthy, and meaningful relationships throughout life.

Oren helps parents understand how each interaction you have with your child is wiring his or her brain to expect relationships to be a certain way, and what you need to do in order to provide positive parenting, utilizing the latest neurobiology and attachment research and methods.

You are invited to join

  • Parenting groups
  • Parenting seminars
  • Couples consultation

Here are some of the key points Oren often speaks about:

  • Dealing with an acting-out child to eliminate the problem behind the symptoms
  • Forming secure attachment with your child
  • Stress-proofing your child in today's fast-lane world
  • Forming and maintaining United Front parenting
  • Providing a safe, predictable, and consistent psychological environment
  • Taking care of YOU—a key ingredient for successful parenting.

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